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EVA Leda Aqua HE downlight

217.33612.85 (excl. btw)

This recessed IP65 chlorine-resistant LED downlight complies with the IEC EN 60364-7-702 safety standard and is suitable for all spaces, including swimming pools and wet areas. The desired wattage can be set with the DIP switch on the driver during installation.

Article code: EVA-DLA25V-LEDA-Myy-M or EVA-DLA20-LEDA-Ryy-M

Delivery time: 4-5 weeks


Additional information

IP value


Color aluminum

Clear anodised


11W, 14W, 17W, 20W, 21W, 25W, 8W

Type of LEDs

High-power multi chip LEDs

Light beam angle


Max. omgevingstemperatuur



ø 200 mm, diepte 102 mm

Cable length

0,5m GST 18/3

Position power supply


Omgevingstemperatuur voeding

-20°C tot +40°C

Protections power supply

Kortsluiting, overload, SELV, Class 2 output, dubbel geïsoleerd


2 tot max. 5 jaar (zie garantie voorwaarden)

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